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Time Passes Anyway, Might As Well Have Something To Show For It.

You can't get overnight diet or exercise results - it's simply not possible. We need to remove this instant gratification expectation from our list of wants.

So... if we can't get overnight results anyway, then...

....if you've said no to the ice cream and not seen a drop in the scale the next morning, that's ok.
....if you've done sit ups and not woken up the next  morning with six-pack abs, that's ok.
....if you've had ten glasses of water and not woken up looking ten years younger, that's ok too.


Months will pass, whether or not you do something about your goals. Time will pass regardless. If you spend each passing day waiting to change, time will pass without any change. But if you take a small step each day toward your goal, after enough time has passed, you will see the results you want.

Have you ever woken up to the first tank-top-and-shorts day of the season wishing you were ten or twenty pounds lighter, and thought to yourself  "if I had been able to stick to the diet I tried starting in November, I'd be skinny right now."

Time passes anyway, might as well have something to show for it...

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  1. You are so right!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Denise Burks

  2. It's kind of like that expression "don't wish your life away" ...isn't it so true!! So many times in the past I've thought "I'll start tomorrow... tomorrow..." and then time will pass and I'll realize that if I had made that "tomorrow" a "today" instead, I would have reached my goal by now...

  3. Well said!!! There are so many times I have said that, now I am doing something about it!!!


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