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Holiday Aftermath

Most people I know (who are willing to 'fess up ;) gained a pound or two over the holidays. I was lucky lucky lucky to barely (by the skin of my teeth) maintain my weight. I say lucky because I counted calories for only one day out of a seven day span that covered Christmas and New Years.

I think what helped me a lot is the fact that I'm simply not used to eating that much at one time any more, so my non-counting indulgences were a lot smaller. Plus I maintained my regular level of activity, rather than slowing down for the holiday season.

That makes me happy.

What makes me over the moon ecstatic though, like happier than I can say, is the fact that after six non-counting days I am back into my calorie counting routine with no difficulty. This has always been my biggest hurdle in the past - becoming derailed and being unable to get back on track. Not this time!

Yay!!!  :) :)

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  1. Congrats! I managed not to gain either!

  2. Thanks, & contrats to you too :) Now I just have to crank it back up a notch, and get back to LOSING, instead of just maintaining, lol.


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