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Stair Running....

Ok, this sounds exhausting at first (who am I kidding... it is until you're fit for it). I like it because it makes no difference what the weather outside is like, and I can keep an eye on the kids, two factors which are affected by outdoor running (which I also love). Initially I started with stair walking. I filled a water bottle and kept it handy, and plugged my favourite music into my ears via my beloved Android (which also serves as my timer). Once I started feeling brave enough, I tried running on the stairs. I'd run for a bit and then resume the walking once I got tired. Of key importance, I discovered, is having a railing next to you to grab in case you tumble (cringe). Now I can run straight for 30 minutes. You can imagine how delighted I was when I learned that stair running burns about 100 calories every 6 minutes... ahhhh!!! I'm keeping this exercise :) :)

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