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(Does that count as an exercise? ;) It does now!!

My kids can't seem to sit still. I know this is pretty common for kids, but is it any wonder they're leaner than adults? Hmmm.

I've decided to add fidgeting to my list of exercises. Now originally this list was started for muscle toning activities, because I already do a lot of calorie burning stuff (like walking and running), but fidgeting is something I'd forget to do unless it was on a list.

(I'm also going to ignore the fact that as parents we often tell our kids to not fidget ;)

How do you fidget? Just move when you're still! For instance as I type this I'm moving my legs under the table. It's easy, requires very little effort, and is not disruptive to what I'm doing.

 (I did a quick search on my Amazon widget of "fidget exercise" and lo and behold found an entire book about fidgeting to burn calories - awesome!!)

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  1. Yup... it totally ups your calorie burn. Not by much, but every bit counts. There's actually a lot of research done on this and it's called NEAT - non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Goggle it and you'll find a ton of information!

  2. Awesome!! I'll definitely google that... thanks :)


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