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Can't Wait....

...to add another toning exercise!!! At the moment I do 20 wall push ups every morning. THAT'S IT, because I've done more in the past and then given it all up. I'm too "all or nothing", which is part of the reason I over eat compulsively unless I count calories.

The wall push ups have been going well in that I feel my body being worked, but it takes very little time, so if I do forget to do them while my coffee is brewing, I can easily squeeze them in another time (as soon as I realize I've forgotten, I just head to the nearest wall, and voila - 2 minutes or so later I've completed my New Year's resolution :)

The problem is now that I want to add another exercise (I'm just itching to! lol), and the push ups habit is not fully secure yet. I know from past experience that if I over schedule myself all at once, the first day I'm too tired or busy will be my last day doing the exercises.

I need to wait a bit longer before I add on another exercise... must form new habits one at a time ;)  Meanwhile, I'll just have to be patient!!
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  1. I'm an all or nothing type too. At least you realize all these things are aren't making the same mistakes again! Keep up the great work!

  2. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I'm so glad you realize that you can't try to change everything at once! Changing one habit to make it permanent is totally the key to a life-style change!

    If you're itching to try something new, maybe just try different wall push-ups. There's triceps push-ups. Military push-ups. Diamond push-ups. All kinds. Maybe start with changing up your push up routine first.

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. Thanks to you both :) Annie that's an awesome idea - trying a different type of pushup - I think I'll do that!


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