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My Second Exercise: The Demi-Plie

Do I dare? Add another exercise? I`ve been pretty consistent with my wall push-ups - even if I forget while I`m making my morning coffee, I remember at some point during the day and then I do them. I think I`m comfortable enough with the regularity of them to add something else.

A few years back (ok, more than a few... shhh!! ;)  I took a beginner`s ballet class and was impressed with the muscle involvement required for even the simplest of moves. Even the basic demi plie involves so many of the regions I want to tone (abs, butt, thighs), all rolled into one exercise. You`d be amazed how many muscles you need working together to balance like that!!

So... the demi-plie is now my "exercise number two".  I think I`ll start with ten of those per day, in addition to my 20 wall push-ups...

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