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28 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Everyone wants to do it - speed up your metabolism!!! (Me too ;)  There's a million web articles and blog posts about the subject, and here's mine. Enjoy!

In no particular order, here are some things that are said to help increase your metabolism:

  1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals
  2. Build muscle mass
  3. Drink more water (and make it cold!)
  4. Eat spicy food
  5. Fidget
  6. Eat a good breakfast
  7. Eat enough calories to avoid "starvation mode"
  8. Exercise for shorter periods, but more often
  9. Boost your EPOC "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption" by making your exercise higher intensity
  10. Eat more fibre 
  11. Eat more protein
  12. Exercise in the morning
  13. Drink green tea
  14. Increase your low fat dairy intake (to increase calcium intake)
  15. Get enough sleep (to regulate hormones)
  16. Reduce stress (to regulate hormones)
  17. Cut down on refined sugar, salt, and refined grains
  18. Cut down on caffeine (which increases insulin levels which tells your body to store fat)
  19. Limit alcohol intake
  20. Eat fruits and vegetables
  21. Eat yogurt (for the probiotics)
  22. Take a multivitamin
  23. Eat fish
  24. Don't yo-yo diet
  25. Eat fewer trans fats
  26. Try calorie shifting (so that your metabolism cannot predict how many calories it will have to burn)
  27. Avoid fad diets
  28. Be too cold or too warm (shivering and sweating increase your metabolic rate)

I'm sure there are more... stay tuned for a "part 2" post!

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