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Carb Curfew Diet (No Carbs In The Evening)

The theory behind the carb curfew diet is that because carbs are used for energy, if you eat them later in the evening when you're less active, they won't be used and therefor stored as fat.

I've never been a fan of diets that eliminate carbs altogether, but I do believe that many people (including myself) probably consume too many. The carb curfew diet is a simple way of reducing your carb intake without depriving your body of this essential fuel.

Some people have enjoyed great success employing this method, and other say carbs are carbs, no matter when you consume them. I think the beauty of this method is that even if it won't work, there's no harm in trying it (unlike cutting out carbs altogether).

I'm going to try it! I'll start tonight (if I remember ;)  I'll do follow up posts of my opinions as I form them, and any tips or advice I can think of.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I started this plan as well, last Monday. Today is Friday and a three things are already noticeably different: 1. I feel so tired in the morning, to the point where I can barely open my eyes, even after 8+ hours of sleep. I'm not sure why this is... maybe my body is getting used to the lack of carbs at night? 2. I don't feel as bloated and sleepy after dinner, so that is a good thing. 3. The first night, I felt so empty after dinner, like something was missing. The second night, I was craving sugar or a sweet after dinner like a drug fiend! It was very intense. The night after, it got a little easier, but I did have a glass of wine.

    I am going to stick with this because I know it always takes our bodies some time to get used to anything new. We're all different, this I know, but I thought I'd share this and see if maybe anyone else was having similar side effects the first week.


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