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Thin For Life - Anne M. Fletcher, M.S. R.D.

I love this book.

The author, Anne M. Fletcher, talks to weight loss "masters": people who have KEPT OFF the weight they've lost, and examines the characteristics they have in common. Also featured is her "Jump Start" diet. I lost 18 pounds two years ago, thanks to adapting the common strategies used by the successful dieters featured in Thin For Life, and the Jump Start Diet got me going on the road to success.

The reason the Jump Start diet worked so well for me is because of the caloric allotment for each food type. This was my first exposure to the concept of protien staving off hunger more than carbs, and boy did it work. In this diet, your daily limit of calories is broken down into food categories (i.e. protein, carbs, vegetables, fruit, dairy, etc.), and each category has it's own limit. Then you can choose which items you eat for each category (samples of portion sizes and caloric value are listed for reference). No food category is omitted, but protein is given the highest calorie limit, to help reduce hunger.

I am a huge believer that if you want good advice, take it from someone who has been successful at what you are trying to achieve. The fact that the author has based the information in this book on the stories of people who have mastered losing and keeping weight off makes this a very informed and worthwhile read.

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