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Using a Timer Instead of Rep Counting

I tweeted about this a minute ago but then thought I'd write a post as well. I hate counting reps. I (might have ADHD) have a really short attention span and things that are tedious just EXHAUST me (plus I lose track because my mind wanders). So this morning I decided to switch from rep counting to using an allotted amount of time for each exercise that I do. For example, I typically do 100 (each leg) single leg squats, in two batches of fifty. I set my cell phone on "stop watch" and did 100 squats which took about 3 1/2 minutes. Hmm. I continued on to 4 minutes (because I like things to be easy) and found it very doable. Then I switched legs, and instead of counting, set the timer to 4 minutes and started squatting away. Soooooo much better. Ahhhhh!!! Today I'm in the process of timing and counting exercises to create a master list of times = estimated reps. From now on when I log what I've done, I'll write down times instead. Exercise is very individual, and the key is to create a system that works for you. I'm further ahead if I use a timer and actually do the moves than if I just skip it because I can't bear the thought of mindless counting...

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